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Tomb of the Red Horse

The second standalone story in the critically-acclaimed TOMB series . The apocalyptic horror continues.

Working closely with graphic artist Ben Filby, he wanted a mix of contemporary horror and industrial style tense music to use throughout the promotional campaign for Tomb of the Red Horse.

Clients/Directors: Benjamin Filby and Ian Mondrick

The People's Rock (A Musical)

2050. The world is not as we know it. Tee is 18, busy with friends, frustrated by family, and obsessed with celebrity, especially her hero Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Something's Cooking And It Smells Like Revolution. A Dystopian Musical.

Taking place across 4 days and 5 shows, I composed 5 out of the 9 songs and helped build the soundscape. Working with fellow composer and engineer Hedley Knights. The musical was written and directed by an all female writing group called nevertheless She who are all based in or around London.

Author: Beth Crane, Tilly Lunken, Ceci Mazzarella & Emma Shaw
Composer: Joshua William Batch & Hedley Knights
Director: Sophie Benefer
Designer: Beth Crane 
Production: Nevertheless She


For my Master's degree final project I worked with a fellow student at the UEA over three projects; providing original music for all three.  

1. Distractions

2. Do Not Disturb, Please

3.The Lost Village



Director: Warren Tutt


Credit and thanks for the archive footage in 'The Lost Village' to the East Anglian Film Archive


The Last Days TV series explores the aftermath of a nuclear war through the eyes of a girl who has, up to now, lived in a contained underground society.
Knowing nothing of this world, Isabelle makes her way through the vast waste lands, settlements and deserted cities, only to find she has more to do with the apocalypse than she could ever have imagined.
Find out more at

​Writer and Director: Sophia Avril

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