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Based in Norwich, UK. Joshua is a media composer with a degree in Audio and Music Technology and Creative Entrepreneurship

Josh records, tracks, mixes and masters all his own work from his home studio.

The Sky Above The Trees (Conceptual Album), A Sudden But Not Unwelcome Wave of Sadness (Electronic EP) available to stream now.


GMPM093 Noir Shades
A collection of ambient textures and moving undertones, unnerving and emotive in texture.
My tracks had had successful syncs with numerous Panorama documentaries and the powerful BBC Documentary 'Fighting The Power: Britain after George Floyd’.

GMPM129 Moody Shifts_cover.jpeg

GMPM129 Moody Shifts
Tone shifting tracks that embark on a dark and mysterious voyage.

Syncs include BBC 1’s ‘Subnormal: A British Scandal’, Channel 5’s ‘The Vanishing of Suzy Lamplugh’ and ‘Diana: The Interview That Shocked The World’

YouTube Uploads

A place where my originals and rescores are put out into the world

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